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The Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Orioles compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. As one of the American League's eight charter teams in 1901, this particular franchise spent its first year as a major league club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Milwaukee Brewers before moving to St. Louis, Missouri, to become the St. Louis Browns in 1902. After 52 years in St. Louis, the franchise was purchased in November 1953 by a syndicate of Baltimore business and civic interests led by attorney and civic activist Clarence Miles and Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. The team's current owner is American trial lawyer Peter Angelos. The Orioles adopted their team name in honor of the official state bird of Maryland; it had also been used by several previous major and minor league baseball clubs in Baltimore, including another AL charter member franchise also named the "Baltimore Orioles", which moved north in 1903 to eventually become the New York Yankees. Nicknames for the team include the "O's" and the "Birds".

Catherine M mentioned "I'm in an abusive relationship with the Baltimore Orioles. I love them. They crap on me. I find ways to excuse their faults. They figure out new and different ways to insult me as a fan. And yet here I am, in my 1983 World Series Champions Orioles shirt, holding out hope that one day they might realize: IT'S NOT THE FREAKING MANAGER (seriously, Sam, you're in a better place getting out of that mess) It's the ownership. And the General Manager (sorry, Mike. You were a good pitcher, but you suck serious ass in the front office) And the scouts. And the shitty development system. And the commitment to incremental change through costly (and mostly over-valued) free agents-- despite years of proof that THIS DOESN'T FUCKING WORK. You can't be a successful baseball team if you don't develop talent in your own system. Name ten decent MLB players who have come up through the O's farm system since Mike Mussina. Go ahead. Try. I dare you. I DOUBLE DOG dare you. Right. You can't. Because they don't exist. What the Orioles DON'T DO: improve their development system. get some decent scouts. make an honest commitment to rebuilding. What the Orioles DO DO: let the inmates run the asylum. overpay for band aid solutions. allow the front office to run unchanged despite years of failure. give Peter Angelos' kid a job. fire the manager for show. blame MLB and "washington fans" for declining revenues and attendance. I'm not sure if the O's front office is willfully ignorant of how bad they are at running a professional baseball team, or if they just don't give a fuck. What I do know is nothing, seriously, nothing has changed in ten years. I have every reason to hate the Orioles. And yet I can't stop loving them. Clearly, I need therapy."


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